Friday, September 28, 2012

Ding and Dang

For my Outdoor Leadership Skills class, it was required to go on a camping field trip. For anyone who knows me, you know I am NOT a camper of any sort, not really outdoorsy, or in love with getting dirty. However, I am always surprised at how much I enjoy being outside and doing everything that I say I do not enjoy. ANYWAY...

This camping trip had me SO stressed out (it was one night and a day). Luckily, I had a mountain backpacking bag, access to a WARM sleeping bag and pad (which I could not figure out how to inflate) and experienced hikers. I was also freaked out about food, Subway was great for everyone that can eat regular bread, but for me, it was stressful, but of course, it all worked out. I went over to Jarrett's apartment and got some help from him and his roommate (they packed my bag) and got me all set up. I felt so legit.

We went to Goblin Valley and it was so cool. I felt so nostalgic because Lake Powell is RIGHT there and if you know me, you know I LOVE LP.

Goblin Valley

The class RecM 223R

 When it got dark on Thursday night, we went back to the valley and played capture the flag with glow sticks. It was so funny to hear footsteps and then THUD and rolling. I was laughing so hard. (my first reaction should be to ask if they are ok)
We didn't even use the tent, my sleeping bag is the red, white and grey.


L-R: Sarah, Maria, and Me

I was not literally falling, but it was a perfect photo op.

The class

We had time for pictures, I was NOT the last one!!

We climbed this wall and we all sat in the holes, I thought it was so cool. 

Interesting experience

Don't worry, we were ALL wearing Nikes. None of us fell.

I was like 4" from the water, I got a little nervous. 

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Kristen and Alex said...

That looks SUPER fun! Glad you had a great time! The scenery is gorgeous!