Sunday, October 14, 2012

Not a Hike...Don't Worry!

This weekend was filled with so much excitement...JK, however, it was definitely filled with something, as to what that something was, I am not quite sure yet. Here are some words that I am thinking:
--Sleep Deprived

I think you get the point, it was filled with every extreme, and for those of you who know me, this is probably what you think my life is like most of the time, but I promise I am calming down. Although, this weekend was filled with all of these things because Stephanie and I ran the Pink Series Park City Half Marathon yesterday. We were nervous, because like smart college educated, capable girls, we did not train...YET AGAIN. We were also nervous because we didn't have a place to stay up there on Friday night until Friday night, (thank you Allred's!!!!) and that just seemed to magically work out. SO our crazy weekend started off by driving to Park City at 9pm in RAIN, so much RAIN hoping that we would not have snow in the morning for us to run in because I know from experience the Nike Outlet store closes at 10 and we would have gotten there after 10. We were spared from the snow thank goodness!!!

We wok up Saturday morning, and got dressed, did our hair (the most important part...) oh and we had matching outfits!!! We got our packets and waited to get on the buses, and as we were waiting we were talking to this lady who had run a marathon two weeks before and was hoping to finish this half in 1:30-1:50. We thought, CRAP WE SHOULD HAVE TRAINED (to my defense I did start training until I got onto a tractor all summer). The course was a TON harder this year, I think they added more hills, but it was obviously doable because I went to church today, BARELY.

These bad girls have gone through a year of activity (hence the lavender smelling pellets) and not it is time to part!!

Steph and Me after we finished and got freezing, it started raining at the end, but NO SNOW!!!!!!
Jarrett and my friend Andie came to support us, Tyson also cheered for us along the way. I was so disappointed because when the pacer passed me of the time I wanted to beat I seriously wanted to cry, (but didn't) so instead I decided to think of how grateful I was to be able to have a healthy body that I can abuse like this and that all of my parts work perfectly together to complete this arduous task. It was amazing to me how when I decided to not think of myself how easy it was to keep a pace. DUH Justine...anyway, this weekend was an accomplishment weekend. 

Our hair was so cute too until it started raining, we had a french braid in the back starting at our necks and going up, then we had a french braid to keep bangs and fly-aways out of our hair and then just ponies. I am sure the people behind us appreciated what it looked like :) (This is a big deal because I have been designated hair doer by my roommates so if I ever have daughters, they are in luck and will have the cutest hair!)

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