Friday, December 7, 2012


I am finally 23. WOWWWWW.....a grandma as Baby Jonah would say, but hey, so far, after a couple of weeks, it feel just fine. Who knew right?

I celebrated my birthday most extravagantly..You know, by doing things people LOVE doing on their birthdays, homework, group projects, studying, being exhausted the usual. But hey, YOLO...right? However, my great friends/roommates threw me a great birthday party (seriously lacking in the girl department) but it was still fun for me, and since it was MY birthday, that's all that matters right?? Jk.

We had cake, and ice-cream, and GLUTEN FREE CAKE!!!!! My awesome roommate Katie works at a  Cup Cake Shop and made me my own personal gluten free cake. It was so good and she decorated it cute. If you follow me on instagram (which I recommend you do..) you would have seen it. For some reason I cannot get any of the pictures off of my phone (I just downloaded new software for it..ooppps). But my birthday was great, now onto FINALS!!!!!!!

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